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Commercial and civil litigation, civil rights and discrimination litigation, family law, custody and protective orders, child support, Social Security Disability / SSDI, and expungement.


The University of Saint Thomas College of Law, Minneapolis
Bethel University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Bar Admissions

Minnesota Supreme Court
Minnesota Federal District Court

Wisconsin Federal District Court
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals


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Twiggs Salon Spa, Inc., v. Vodegel Properties, LLP, Hennepin County Court File No.: 27‑cv‑16-8545; Breach of Contract, Fraud, resulted in $325,000 settlement

Beaulieu-Banks v. Metro State University, Ramsey County Court File No.: 62‑cv‑18‑4584; Employment Discrimination, Retaliation, resulted in $100,000 settlement

Twiggs Salon Spa, Inc., v. Bar Lazy H Five, LLC, Hennepin County Court File No.: 27-CV-18-6421; Breach of Contract, Wrongful Eviction, resulted in $225,000 settlement

In re: Lebak, Hennepin County Court File No.: 27-CV-16-17032; Personal Injury to Minor, resulted in $35,000 settlement