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About Parker & wenner

We are a full-service Minnesota based law firm which provides reliable client service to individuals and businesses operating throughout the world.

We meet all your legal needs with courtesy, experience, professionalism and proven results. In every representation, we focus on providing clear and accurate advice, and on protecting our clientís business and family interests.We build long term client relationships based on personalized and skillful legal counsel that our clients appreciate and expect. Many of our clients rely on being able to contact us, proactively or in an emergency, regarding any legal issue that concerns their family or their business. With that in mind, we further our clientís legal needs and achieve their objectives quickly and intelligently.

Our attorneys specialize in all matters of business and family law including:

Civil & Commercial Litigation

General Counsel and Risk Management

We eliminate legal surprises by infusing sweat and legal equity into your case up front in order to control the facts and the witnesses, which in turn allows us to implement a strategy to achieve your desired results.

Domestic & International Transactions

Corporate Formation

Real Estate Matters

The majority of transactional work centers around the protection and preservation of legal rights as well as the careful management of risk for each business and individual client that we represent. Our litigation experience and strategic risk management approach directly correlates to our ability to protect your interests by anticipating problems before they arise and positioning applicable legal rights and legal obligations in any type of transaction to your benefit.

Complex Divorce & Dissolution Matters
Child Custody Matters
Child Support

Family related issues such as marriage, divorce, custody, parental rights, visitation rights and property division are highly personal in nature and require level-headed, decisive representation and the type of strenuous advocacy that our attorneys routinely deliver. With over 20 years of experience in successfully representing clients in family law related matters, we understand the challenges that our clients face and work with you to set the right strategy that will deliver results and a positive outcome.

Estate Planning & Probate
Wills and Trust

Thorough and proper representation of our clients includes planning for future events – known and unknown – to help preserve all that you’ve worked for. We guide and protect your family during their greatest time of need and insure that the future generations are taken care of in the manner you desire and direct.

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