Dissolution / Divorce

Marriage dissolution is an often complicated and always painful process. Our attorneys work hard to understand each aspect of the ...
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Changes to Minnesota Child Support and Removal Laws

In 2005 and 2006, the Minnesota legislature passed a new child support statute, now codified at Minn. Stat. §518A.26, et ...
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Child Support Obligations in MN

RETROACTIVE CHILD SUPPORT: A Potential Abyss of Financial Despair The obligation of non-custodial parents to provide financial assistance to their children, ...
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Common Marital Dissolution Questions

MARITAL DISSOLUTION – COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS Our firm has had the privilege of serving hundreds of clients of the years in ...
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Family Law Basics

Parker & Wenner, P.A. has extensive experience in family law, from marriage planning and divorce related issues, to step parent ...
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Antenuptial Agreements

Antenuptial (prenuptial) agreements are contracts entered into by a couple prior to their marriage. These agreements normally address property issues ...
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10 Ways to Help Your Family Through Effective Estate Planning

Proper estate planning is truly a gift to your family or other beneficiaries. While planning for one’s incapacity and demise ...
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