Employee Obligations

EMPLOYEE DUTIES TO THEIR EMPLOYER Employers of all shapes and sizes are requiring their Employees, whether at will or term, to ...
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Enforcement Of Non‑Competition Agreements

It is all too common these days to hear of cases where a key man or woman in a Minnesota ...
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The Coveted Green Card

“Green Card” is a common, well-known term in American vernacular, esteemed for the status it signifies, namely that of lawful ...
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Trademark Article

TRADEMARKS AND TRADEMARK PROTECTION FOR BUSINESSES If you own a business, it is likely you have one or more trademarks. The United ...
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What Both Employers and Employees Should Know

Introduction These days it is all too common to hear of cases where a key person, and indeed increasingly, not ...
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Why File For Bankruptcy?

Some things bankruptcy can do: Eliminate the legal obligation to pay most or all of your debts. This is called ...
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